2 Storey Minimalist Tiny House Plan

The tiny house movement continues to gain popularity, and this trend is only getting bigger as people start to prefer a more straightforward lifestyle. 2-story minimalist tiny houses are one of the prominent examples of this movement. These types of dwellings aim to offer everything needed in a small space and dazzle with their simple design.

The ground floor of this minimalist tiny house begins with a large living room, kitchen, and dining area. Painting the walls white and using large windows make the interior feel bright and spacious. The selection of furniture also combines simplicity and functionality. In the living room, low cushions and a wooden coffee table create a comfortable living space, while the kitchen and dining area are complemented by a simple table and chairs.

The kitchen is designed in a modern minimalist style. Wooden countertops, white cabinets, and stainless steel appliances combine functionality and aesthetics. Also, some of the walls are covered with open shelves, which makes the kitchen look more spacious and inviting.

There is also a small toilet and bathroom on the ground floor. This bathroom has clean lines and a simple design. The shower, sink and toilet are conveniently arranged and illuminated with white tiles.

A wooden staircase leads from the ground floor to the upper floor. The upper floor is designed as a bedroom and study area. The bedroom is furnished with a minimalist platform bed and storage areas. A large window allows natural light to diffuse in and connect with the landscape.

The upstairs work area offers the homeowner a quiet space to work or read. A simple desk and chair make this a productive study nook.
The exterior of this minimalist tiny house also draws attention in terms of simplicity and aesthetics. A body with straight lines and neutral colors puts the house perfectly in its surroundings.

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