59+ Hot Pedicure Trends to Try This Year

Looking for trending pedicure ideas? To mix up your pedicure colors, check out these fun and intricate designs!

Nail art is clearly hugely popular right now. However, toe art designs and more intense pedicure ideas are taking off, too! Now’s the time to try out something a little different on your toes.

Luckily, most of these pedicure ideas are pretty easy to do, whether you get your nails done at home or prefer to have your technician do your pedicure colors.

To accomplish these pedicure ideas at home, I recommend investing in some affordable nail art tools. Or even easier: try nail art stickers! Some of these pedicure designs actually do include stickers.

Below, you’ll find 60+ pedicure ideas for spring, summer, fall, and winter. Browse through and see what pedicure ideas you want to try out!

Pedicure Ideas:
Here are our favorite pedicure ideas and pedicure colors. Enjoy!

This is definitely one of our favorite pedicure ideas for summer. It’s just so sleek and chill!

This is a simple yet classy marble pedicure idea that’s just so pretty. I really love the natural color scheme!

If you’re looking for something a little more intricate then this has to be one of the prettiest pedicure ideas. But you’ll probably want to head to a salon to get some professional pedicure art!

How cute are these pedicure colors? Plus, this design is really easy to do at home.

This is another marble look that’s really classy and simple.

Looking for happy and upbeat pedicure ideas? This design is too cute! Simply pop on some nail sparkles before your top coat for an easy and happy look.

This is one of the more classic pedicure colors that’s super sleek and works for any season.

I just love this pedicure color so much that I had to include it!

Do this pedicure design by simply adding some shimmer to the first toe. Easy peasy.

This is one of the top pedicure ideas for summer this year! I love how this pedicure reminds me of a gorgeous seashore.

If you want something a little more on the subtle side, you can use a natural base coat for your accent nail and add a few gold flecks of foil onto them for a touch of sparkle.

Neon colors are fun on their own due to their vibrant tones but you can always make them even look better by pairing them with a rainbow accent nail!

I just love marbled nail art. They give off such a luxe and glam vibe to your toes and if that’s not enough, you can match it with a gorgeous sage green for a more interesting finish.

Add a touch of elegance to your regular pink polish by adding some leaves as accents to your overall pedicure. If nail art isn’t your strongest suit, don’t worry! You can always get nail stickers instead for a fuss-free pedicure.

Make your manicure and pedicure match by using the same shade of nail polish for both nails. A bright yellow will give your nails a vibrant aesthetic that’s perfect for the spring and summer seasons.

I love the contrast of the edgy black polish against the soft marble-theme accent nail. It really makes the accent nail stand out and look more unique!

This particular nail art gives off such a dainty and feminine aesthetic to your toes. Apart from the gold-flecked, marble-like accent nail, I also love how the rest of the toes glisten and look so jelly-like.

I am totally in love with the dainty floral nail accent on this particular pedicure. I also love how the overall color scheme matches the rest of the bright, yellow nails.

Instead of the usual French tip, try using some glitter for your tips for a more unique touch. This will give your toes a glamorous vibe that would look so good in open-toe heels.

I am obsessed with all things purple and this pastel shade looks utterly stunning. You’ve seen multiple gold flecks here used as nail art, but you should consider these gorgeous purple flecks for your next pedicure!

If you’re looking for something natural, this subtle pedicure features a base coat that mimics your natural nail color. This will go with almost any outfit and any occasion. It’s like your nails but better!

For more abstract nail art, then you should definitely consider getting this one! The cool blue base coat really comes together with the white and glittery silver accents.

Who doesn’t love a monochrome look? Even on your toes, a classic black and white pedicure never disappoints! For an even more interesting texture, try topping off your white nail with some glitter or sparkle.

Colorful prints are all fun but for something out-of-the-box, try doing this embossed nail art of leaves! You can do a gradient base coat for a more unique color scheme as well.

Every shade of blue is beautiful but this vibrant tone of blue is just so perfect for the summer season. You can also do a blue version of the classic French tip for your accent nail!

If you’re only looking for a subtle sparkle, then I highly suggest leaving your base coat as natural as possible. Afterward, you can top it off with some shimmer for your accent nail. The effect will be subtle, understated, and totally cute!

If you’re looking for a subtle pedicure that will suit the holiday season, then you should definitely check this one out! The nail art for the leaves is filled with sparkles that are reminiscent of Christmas lights!

Were you able to find the perfect pedicure color in this post? We hope so! Check out the posts below if you’re looking for more nail design inspiration.


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