A Greek Mountain House Made of Three Angled Volumes

The Snowfall House resides in the Helmos mountains in Kalavryta, Greece on 4,000-square-meters of land, near the Kalavryta ski center. The home, designed by Design Over The Norms (dotn), faces south opening up to the forest view, while providing natural light for the interior. Comprising three volumes, the two base structures are clad in stone and set diagonally apart, with the third, white structure resting atop, mimicking the surrounding snow-capped mountains

The larger, rectangular main house features the common public spaces and the primary bedroom. The smaller ground volume makes up a guest suite. The upper white volume houses additional bedrooms

Design Over The Norms designed the home to blend in with its mountainous surroundings and integrated into the landscape with it’s rocky stone lower volumes and the snow colored top floor. The materials used, like stone and wood, reflect the natural textures of the region. An underground garage hides the cars as not to disrupt nature

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