Casa PR by Guillem Carrera Arquitecte

Casa PR is a modern house located in Sitges, Spain, designed in 2019 by Guillem Carrera Arquitecte.

The house is located in a slopy terrain which has the virtue to be localized in a fairly high topographic altitude, due to this, with visual orientation to the litoral mountain range, the urban center, and the sea. It also takes part in the formation of the Vallpineda residential area, one of the first urbanizations that were developed in the city of Sitges.

Not only did the initial observation of the site reveal that the original topography of the empty plots had been modified notoriously in the past, but also they had disagreed with the urbanistic regulations about the land movements that were allowed to do. In fact, both neighbors’ adjacent plots had land increments because it was wanted to have both houses as highest and nearest to the street as possible; nowadays, with the actual regulations, it couldn’t be possible. Due to this condition, it is decided that the new building can`t compete to be higher than the neighbor’s existing ones, and because of this reason, the project adopted the strategy of being introduced and built into with a unique and different landscape performance: the house will be arranged gradually to the natural slope of the land, in order to achieve that its volume lengthens as long as possible towards the lowest topographic elevation. This strategy is decided to achieve the highest number of visuals and natural light as possible, and, moreover, to guarantee the views to the sea from each of the three floors that will organize the structure of the house too: the garage/studio floor, the night floor, and the day floor.


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