Lake Placid A-Frame by Strand Design

Lake Placid A-Frame is a modern cabin located in Lake Placid, New York, designed in 2021 by Strand Design.

Resting quietly along the shorelines of a wooded lake edge, this modern A-frame serves as an escape into nature for the city-dwelling owners. With a modest footprint, warmth and volume are abundant, utilizing natural timbers and exposed structural members spanning the full height of its dramatic form.

Classic meets modern in this refreshing take on the vernacular Northwoods A-frame cabin. Utilizing a variety of steel panels, darkened clapboard, and hints of bright natural cedar, this cabin blends seamlessly into its forested lakefront surroundings.

As avid winter enthusiasts, the owner’s desire for a year-long adventure can be realized with this versatile getaway, resting naturally and with ease throughout the everchanging seasons.

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