Luxury beachfront homes in Trigg by West Bridge Urban / CUUB Studio

The main challenge for the CUUB team was to showcase a luxurious 3-storey, 6-unit oceanfront development in Trigg, Western Australia. Emphasize the organic integration into the existing architectural ensemble of the local space. There were 3 exterior and 8 interior renderings in the work, which were supposed to fully embody the main messages of the project.

CUUB team invites you on a new journey, join us in enjoying the salty breeze, burning rays and enchanting sunsets. Here the moments are frozen as if on the canvases of John Russell, and there was an exciting opportunity to run barefoot along the beach, feeling the fullness of freedom.

Let’s fast forward to the coast of Western Australia, where we will slightly open the doors to the true paradise — Trigg. The boutique collection of five luxury beachfront homes designed by award-winning architects MJA. Ease of being and effortless sophistication in your own secluded spot on the beach. Designer interiors full of light create a feeling of calm and privacy, while pastel colors allow you to blend in with the seascapes.

We gave ourselves inspiration to show the free spirit and the closeness of the appeasement of this project, which are so familiar to us in terms of values. Choose freedom and follow your heart by taking a few steps towards the gold coast of Trigg.

Catch a wave, enjoy the morning surf, or take a stroll along the coastal path. Immerse yourself in the local community vibe by visiting Hillarys Boat Harbor, just a short drive north. Then gather your loved ones for dinner as you watch the sun go down at the end of another beautiful day

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