Right now, try these 51+ gorgeous April nails!

ooking for the most gorgeous February nails designs for this year? We’ve got you covered with the hottest February nail trends!

Happy February! Even though it feels like Valentine’s Day is the only big thing this month, I personally love February for fashion and beauty.

It’s a trendy winter month that doesn’t revolve around a holiday, and it’s the perfect excuse to wear super warm winter clothes with lots of layers and still look fashionable.

Today, I’m sharing my 50+ favorite super trendy nails for this February! If you’re looking for February nails (not just Valentine’s but February nails in general) then you’re in the right place.

Dark nude tones are in this year, as are colors that bridge the gap from winter to spring.

I’m also seeing a huge rise in multi-colored nails (one color on each finger) as well as various patterns on nude or pink fingernails. Marble February nails are in, as well as reverse tips (the color on the tip of the nail; basically the reverse of a French manicure).

Shape-wise, both almond and square are in, but they shouldn’t be too long or too short. If you have trouble growing your nails out, I recommend starting with gel tips and a dip manicure over them. Acrylic nails are always good, too, if you’re willing to go for fake nails.

February Nails For Inspiration:
Here are my favorite February nails for this year. Feel free to save any of these photos to your phone to show your nail technician.

To save a photo, just press down and then click save to camera roll. Have fun!

Here’s a cute yet very minimalistic February nail design! I love the pink and red twist on the classic French tip as well as the dainty hearts placed on each accent nail.

While this article isn’t necessarily revolved around Valentine’s you’re sure to find some nail designs here that you can also wear on a big date. Like this one! I love the combination of the pink and red nails and the shimmery rose gold accent nail. It’s utterly romantic!

For many people, February is the month of love! So if you want to get in with the love fest this month, this nail design can be your next February nails inspo!

You might love this nail design for a romantic, wintry manicure this February! I love how a natural base coat is used and topped off with glittery tips that make your February nails look frosted and ethereal.

If you’re tired of seeing the usual reds and pinks this month, why not go for green and pink February nail designs? It’s a stunning and quirky color combo that’s totally unique! You can even opt to get these heart-shaped French tips for a rather romantic look.

To get a classy look on your February nails, opting for a white manicure is perfect! You can even ask for a classic French tip and a longer cut on your nails for an even more feminine look. For your accent nails, you can draw tiny hearts.


For an edgy and unique look this February, why not opt for a black French tip like this particular one? What makes it unique isn’t just the color scheme but the way the tips aren’t a solid black. Instead, it’s a little transparent with dainty hearts drawn all over them.

This manicure is utterly elegant and stunning! The rose gold linework adds a classy vibe to the soft pink base coat used on these February nail designs. This would be so perfect on date night with your beau!

Here’s another manicure that’s perfect for the winter season this February! I love the frosty and unique color scheme used on these February nails, especially the silver glitter nail and linework against the pink and blue base coat.

If you want that beautiful frosted look on your February nails, this is for you! Just look how shimmery and sparkly those glitters are! They remind me of freshly fallen snow on a beautiful winter day.

For a more natural-looking manicure, you might love this one! This will be perfect for any season and totally wearable for every day. It’s literally your nails but better!

So clean, classy, and minimalistic, this gorgeous white manicure uses a classic French tip for your long February nail designs. You can add tiny hearts for every accent nail if you want to give it a more Valentine’s theme.

So feminine and romantic, these soft pink February nails are absolutely gorgeous! I love the nude heart on the accent nail. It stands out against the pink base color.

If you can’t get enough hearts this Valentine’s season, then here’s another manicure you might love! It’s simple and not too over-the-top that it looks tacky. You can opt to paint tiny hearts over your accent nail and use negative space to make it stand out against the rest of your nails.

For a plain manicure but still keeping it rather romantic and feminine, these muted pink nails are perfect for that kind of theme!

Add an edgy flare to your nails by putting on some black and silver accent nails to your manicure! The combination of pink and darker colors will provide an amazing contrast to your nail polish.

French tips are great but for a subtle and unique twist to the classic manicure, you might love this blurred effect! The gradient detail gives off a feminine vibe to this design that is perfect for daily wear.

If dark colors aren’t your thing, that’s still completely alright! Lighter colors still suit the colder season and can even give your nails a naturally frosty look.

You can never go wrong with a classic, regular manicure. For a more romantic vibe, you can choose a soft, almost muted pink that can also give you a natural effect

Here’s a totally unique nail art design you might want to try out this February! Using a light-colored base coat, you can draw abstract lines using dark-colored nail polish or even nail stickers for a modern look.

If you want to try out marbled nails but don’t want to fully commit to a fully marbled manicure, then you can always opt to just get them as your accent nails.

Can’t decide what color to get for your next nail appointment? Why not choose a different color for each nail? You can pick ones that are in a similar shade range to still get a cohesive finish.

Perfect for Valentine’s are these red French tips! They add such a romantic vibe to your nails and those black dots accentuate them even more!

If you’re looking for a frosty manicure that’ll give you those winter wonderland vibes, this is perfect for you! It’s not too much and just has the right amount of sparkle.

For a classy and luxurious vibe for your nails, why not try getting a Chanel-themed manicure? You can use black accents to make it even classier.

Some words of encouragement on your nails might just be what you need for tough days ahead. You can opt for a minimalist finish like this one or you can get something with more accents or words of affirmation.

Here’s a modern and abstract nail art that you might love if you’re looking for something that’s unique yet wearable for daily things and office days.

This is such a dainty and girly nail art that you might love if you want a minimalistic nail design that you can wear on Valentine’s Day.

I am totally in love with these nails! I love how the gradient effect gives the nails a natural flush of color.

Here’s another set of gradient nails you might love. But instead of white tips, you get pink ones. It still gives a nice natural finish though!

A completely all-white manicure is amazing but it can be a little intimidating too. For a softer look, try using an off-white ivory color.

Pair your regular nude polish with some tiny black hearts for a romantic and sophisticated look this February!`

Leafy nail art is trendy these days, and if you want to use this kind of design for February, you can definitely go for it!

I love nude and muted nail polish shades and sometimes it’s hard to pick just one for my next nail appointment. So to make things easier, I just pick a different nude shade for each nail.

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