Spa Creek House by Grid Architects

Spa Creek House is a contemporary residence located in Annapolis, Maryland, designed in 2016 by Grid Architects.

The house’s preeminent focus is on its promenade, as well as visual and physical connections to the waterfront. The functional distinction between “public” and “private” is made diagrammatically legible through the massing strategy and amplified by material contrast. The entry is punctuated by a raw steel canopy that links both wood and metal boxes. The contrast between these complementary volumes is amplified by the subtle angle with which the wood box shifts to follow the property line, running along the southern edge of the lot. This allows the living spaces on both levels to open up expansively, rendering them spatially dynamic. Adding to this thrust towards the creek, the roof of the wood box steps up until the master bedroom achieves a lofty vertical proportion. Here, the promenade terminates at a covered balcony with commanding views across the creek to Historic Annapolis.

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