What is cat eye jelly gel polish? See 10 most beautiful and attractive paint samples

Cat’s eye jelly gel polish is a special nail style that requires professional painting techniques. Cat’s eye gel polish uses magnets to attract glitter particles to create an eye-catching effect. This effect makes many people think of the sparkling eyes of a cat, both clear and mysterious.

The cat eye gel polish effect is created by professional nail artists using a number of small metallic particles with an emulsion image. The necessary tool to perform is indispensable, which is a magnet to create a repulsive force, creating light streaks with small metal particles.

With this cat’s eye jelly gel polish, you can only use a special paint specifically for this style. There are many different colors and nail designs for you to choose from. If you want to have a colorful cat eye nail design, you can ask a nail artist to make it according to your wishes.

A beautiful cat eye nail set is a must have beautiful polish, have harmonious colors, eye-catching sparkling effects, and if you look closely, you will have a mysterious 3D nail feeling.


The cat’s eye gel polish process is done like a regular gel polish process, but with an additional step of using magnets to create the effect. Below is the process of using cat eye gel polish for your reference.


If you love cat eye gel polish but don’t know which nail design to choose, then refer to the 10 nail styles below that will surely make you satisfied.

Diamond cat eye jelly gel polish is the perfect choice for girls who are luxurious and want to create charm. The diamond cat eye effect shows strength and personality, making your hands more alive. With this nail design, you can wear it to go out and go to a party.

If you are a girl with a gentle and feminine style, you can refer to the pink cat eye nail design. Not only highlighting the pretty hands, but the pink cat eye nail set also shows the freshness and youthfulness for every girl.

Black diamond cat eye gel polish is the choice of many girls who have personality and like mysterious charm. Combined with luxurious makeup and beautiful dress, you will definitely look luxurious and modern. The hands are the attractive highlight to help you score points in the eyes of those around you.

One more cat eye gel nail polish that many girls love is cat eye nail art with teardrop pattern. The impressive feature of this model is the realistically drawn teardrop shape to create attraction. With this nail design, you can choose many nail colors according to your preferences because it does not have a fixed color.


Red cat eye nail polish is an outstanding color and never goes out of hot. Red color when combined with cat eye nail style will create an impressive and outstanding nail set. Owning this nail set, every girl will look charming. The beautiful nail set will be a part of highlighting the luxurious look for the girls.

Another outstanding nail color you should definitely try is the blue cat eye nail. With the blue cat’s eye gel polish, your hands will look elegant and light. Girls who own bright white skin, the nail set will highlight their skin. You will look very young and radiant.

With the black cat eye nail design, you can change many styles to make your nails more attractive. Black is inherently the color of mystery and charm, now accented with bright cat eyes, the nail set will be more powerful and luxurious. The girls who are followers of black certainly cannot give up this nail model.

A very hot cat eye nail design at the moment is gray cat eye gel polish. With fancy cat eye effect along with good looking gray color, gray cat eye nail design is the perfect choice for the girl who likes sweetness. To create more accents, you can add glittering textures to highlight the nail set.

An extremely attractive nail color that makes many girls fall in love is the purple cat eye nail. Purple color is suitable for gentle girls who like femininity but no less luxurious. You can wear this nail set to go out, go to parties are suitable.

If you want your hands to be impressive and attractive, you should refer to the clear white cat eye nail. This nail model not only shows the gentleness, exalting the simplicity, but also partly shows the modern and sophisticated. The clear white cat eye nail design will be more prominent if it creates more accents with sparkling glitter.

The article answered what is cat’s eye jelly gel polish and reviewed 10 of the most beautiful cat’s eye jelly paint colors today. Each different nail model will have different highlights, you can refer to choose the nail model that you love the most. Thank you for watching!

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